We just had a few of our stylists all get pregnant around the same time. So you know we had a lot of baby talk, mommy talk, and oh my god what is going on kinda talk in the salon… But one of the things that one of our stylists was experiencing was dandruff. Like Dandruff out of nowhere. So we wanted to find natural remedies for dandruff during pregnancy.

Now if you work in the hair business, your hair needs to be on point or else your customers start to wonder why they are coming to you. Imagine a stylist with bad dandruff, really bad for her business. But since everyone is pregnant in here and we all want to be as Natural as possible, we went hunting for advice on what to do.

We found a lot of organic home remedy cures online, but a lot of them seemed

  1. Too time consuming
  2. Too stinky
  3. Too hard to stay with it.

We also didn’t want to just run out and get some dandruff shampoo because we need to make sure our hair color is on point as well. Plus to be completely honest with you, how do we know the chemicals in the dandruff shampoos are ok to use right now since we’re pregnant. For us the chance of color not lasting as long because of the zinc just completely ruled out a traditional dandruff shampoo.

Take a look at https://www.revucell.com/dandruff-during-pregnancy-dry-scalp/ to see a nice list of natural ingredients that can help fight or prevent dandruff.

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