How do you get brown hair color to stay on really damaged bleach blonde hair?

As stylists one of the hardest things to do is color a client brown after they have been made blonde from chemical services like hair bleach. It is kind of funny when you talk to other stylists and they all tend to have the same story.

My client came in 3 years ago with beautiful level 5 brown hair and wanted to be blonde. We bleached her up and have been doing maintenance with her for the last 3 years and this time she came in and said I want to be my virgin brown color again. Usually clients think this is a very easy task. Throw some brown hair color on and let it process. Whats the big deal. At least they think that until you have to book there tint back appointment and they realize its going to take double the time their normal process takes.

Then you have to explain to them that in order to make the hair color last and not bleed out, you will need to do a number of processes on them. When you start to break it down for them they start to realize that what your doing is really like magic. There are still a few customers that can’t handle the truth and decide to just go home and throw brown box dye on themselves. They usually come back with an even bigger problem that you will have to color correct. But so is the life of an amazing hair colorist.

We usually do a filler with a copper or red, and then a permanent color over that, followed by a toner and some conditioners. But recently we found an article at the mastey hair color web site that shows you how to do it in one easy step. It is a lot easier than doing this the traditional way. Check out the link and let us know if you use the technique.

We started using the technique on a couple of friends who come in for blow outs but we stuck to the exact formula so that we made sure it was right. Next we will take one of their webinar classes so we can learn to modify it.

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