Don’t worry your arms don’t have to ache at the thought of blow drying your own hair. We know its a chore and thankfully if you have long hair and blow it straight, you can maintain it that way for a couple of days before you have to do it all over again.  Hopefully this post will help you not only how to make it easier for you to blow dry your hair but also make it so that your results are much better and more salon quality.


Tip #1 : Protecting your hair:

Wether you have short or long hair you want to make sure that you protect the hair from any heat damage. The fact that your hair may already be compromised due to your previous hair color services means you need to be extra careful to not damage your hair even more. Prevention is the first step. And don’t worry it doesn’t have to be super expensive product as a heat protector you can find great heat protection products on Amazon or your local beauty supply. Our favorite and we have tried a bunch is the color protecting therapy spray from Mastey.

Spray this in wet and then gently comb through any knots you have in your hair. The reason why we love this spray is because it has heat protection and detangling and conditioning ingredients in it. It makes it a great overall product. But you can also do a search on amazon for leave in conditioner and heat protector to see other options.

Extra Tip: If you have fine hair just spray the ends and work in with your brush. You don’t want to weigh down the roots especially if you are looking for volume later.


Tip# 2: Adding Body or Volume

So tip one protects your hair and tip 2 will make it sexy. You are going to bring sexy back to your tired hair by adding a volumizing product or root lifter to your roots while the hair is still wet. Make sure not to over do it, but remember especially if you have fine hair a little root lift really changes the look of the hair style and gives you a little extra sexy to flaunt in front of the gentlemen (or ladies!).


Tip #3: Got Bangs? Get Busy!

If you have bangs you want to make sure you use a big round brush to give them volume and shape. Pull them straight out from your forehead and make sure you hit the  hair with the blow dryer facing the ends. Repeat till you see a beautiful finish.


Tip #4: Don’t make it too complicated the real work is in the finish.

For your sides and ends just dry them normally without a brush until they are about 95% dry. You see the last 5% is where you will bring in the sexy and sleek or the volume and body.

Next Clip up the top and dry the lower sections of the hair by pulling the hair out taught and then hitting the hair with the blow dryer facing the ends of the hair.


Tip#5: The top is the icing on the cake. Make it delicious!

Unclip the top section and dry this whole piece at once. Make sure you dry it while pulling the whole top section straight up. This will make sure that you get all the lift and volume you can out of your hair.



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