This video shows you how to do a great job blow drying bleached hair. What you want to remember is that bleached hair is most definitely damaged or has been damaged by the chemical process of bleaching. So you want to make sure that you protect the hair with the right products to make sure it does not get more damage from the drying and styling process. 


Step 1: Prepare the hair with a great conditioning Mask

The first step to a great blow dry on bleached hair start way before its time to dry and is actually done right after shampooing the hair. What you want to do is make sure to rebuild the damaged bleached hair with a great conditioning mask. Now the one in the video we do not use but you may want to try it to see if you like it. We use the color protecting restorative mask conditioner.  And for our really platinum honeys we actually leave the mask in the hair for 15 minutes then rinse. That way the hair is thoroughly repaired and re-conditioned.


Step 2: Use warm water to rinse

As simple as that may sound it truly makes a difference. Hot water is not right and neither is cold water. There is something about the using the right temperature of water that really makes a difference to the final outcome of the hair. We notice this is not just the case for blow drying but it also helps when you color hair. If you are rinsing the hair with cold water now, stop and think of your clients, it’s not only better for their hair but also their comfort.


Step 3: Use a Leave In Conditioning spray to help protect the hair while blow drying

This one is a no brainer and if you skip it you are really doing your hair a disservice. We use the Mastey Color Protecting Leave In Conditioner or the It’s a 10 Miracle leave in Spray for this. It basically shields the hair from the heat, while providing some slip to the hair so you can brush it while blow drying and get all the tangles out. Spray these conditioners on the mid-lenghths through ends of the hair. That is where most of your damage and breakage will occur or has occurred. Then blow dry. If you need a tutorial on blow drying your hair for the best salon looking results check out this post. 


Step 4: Use an Argan Oil or Serum after the initial blow dry to help finish the look.

These products are amazing and leave your hair with an amazing finish. Be careful though not to use too much as if you use too much they will all leave your hair oily and greasy looking. The devil is in the details as they say, so lets run down the details of using a n oil product in your hair.

  1. Only use a small amount! Pour a little into the palm of your hand the size of a dime. Thats right the size of a dime, not a nickel, not a quarter, a dime.
  2. Rub that small amount of product into both your hands and fingers. Run your hands and fingers into your mid-lengths and ends or rub from mid-length to ends on specific pieces of hair for a smother finish.


Step 5: Try too not stress your hair so much with harsh shampoos and conditioners.

What you want to remember is that your hair is damaged and stressed if you have bleached it. It may look nice after all the conditioners and oils and lotions, but it is still damaged so you need to treat it from the start, shampoo makes a big difference, use a sulfate free shampoo and one that is for color treated hair or for very damaged hair.


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